Genomic Sequencing and the Omicron Variant

Genomic Sequencing and the Omicron Variant Rob Thomas Final Project for ITEC 740, Fall 2021 Header image: screenshot of “Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus – Global subsampling” from NextStrain on 12/6/22. Omicron in red. Disclaimer: I am not a scientist. I am a social theorist with  expertise in the relationship between zoonotic pandemics and language. […]

Anti-Principles for Design Thinking

The following “anti-principles for design thinking” were written as a way for me to formally map my own production process in my Instructional Design Products Studio course at SFSU with Dr. Brian Beatty for Spring 2021.  I think these anti-principles can be useful to anyone who gets stuck in their design process. In my case, I kept […]

Instructional Design Products Studio

Header photo: Exterior of ahha Tulsa by the author (March, 2021).  Instructional Design Studio Work I’m using this post to more artfully share my deliverables for my instructional design studio work this semester in ITEC 833, Instructional Design Products Studio, with Dr. Brian Beatty. Hopefully, it’s a nicer way to share my work than a simple forum […]

Prototyping an e-Learning Platform for Adult Learners

This presentation is about the e-learning platform for adult learners I’ve been talking about building for years, and which I finally began to develop as a prototype during the fall of 2019.  1. The Problem I’ve been teaching interesting courses like feminist porn studies, San Francisco modernism, melodrama and society and the philosophy of Rick […]